Our motto:

From waste to value

Sylvia Calvo BCN is an eco-friendly and ethical fashion brand that was launched under the designer’s name in Barcelona (Spain) in 2015. The brand is aiming to make sustainability part of the design, which is why our manufacturing process is entirely handcrafted and uses ecologic materials, both organic and recycled, with minimal impact on the environment. This way, each clothing piece obtains a unique and distinctive style.

We believe in a responsible alternative to the traditional fashion business model

And you?

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The designer

Sylvia Calvo, born in Barcelona, studied English Philology at the University of Barcelona and obtained her MBA at Keller Graduate School of Management of Chicago, USA, where she lived for about 15 years. There she worked for the airline industry, but moved back to Barcelona in 2002 to work in her family maritime transportation business. She always wanted to study fashion design, though the circumstances in life made it not possible at that time.

After attending a conference about Eco-Fashion in 2012, the concept she had about the fashion and textile industry changed completely. She started to investigate, to read and to learn about sustainable fashion and the alternatives available to have a more positive social, environmental and economic impact.

In 2015, she created the brand "Sylvia Calvo BCN", working mainly with original used coffee bags to transform them into garments and complements. Together with five colleagues she co-funded the non-profit Association "Moda Sostenible Barcelona" (MSBCN), the first association of this kind, in order to promote the benefits of sustainable fashion, its creation, production and sale, and to bring it closer to consumers.

"The clothes you choose to wear every day have a great impact on the planet, lets make it a worthwhile choice."

Our values


We use environment-friendly materials and processes


All the clothing pieces are handmade, using traditional sewing techniques


We work with local suppliers, supporting the development of the local economy


We collaborate with other designers and artists to create unique designs


We cooperate with charity organizations that promote social responsibility

Fair trade

We guarantee fair and decent working conditions that respect human rights


We give visibility to every part of the manufacturing process


Our designs offer style and positive values in equal proportion